b 'Patient RoomsFamily-CenteredStudies顯示提單ending family zones into patient rooms results in faster patient healing, fewer falls,reduced stress, improved communication andincreased patient satisfaction.Products shown Villa Health Sleep Sofa,Alterna, WilderCollaborative InvestigationBedside learning is an essential part of patient-centered care.When technology is applied correctly, it can enhance interaction and learning by making valuable information accessible toeveryone involved in the patients care. Inpatient / Outpatient CareProducts shownSuccessful inpatient and outpatient rooms offer flexible,Villa Health Sleep Sofa, Alterna, Pep multi-purpose layouts that balance todays standards ofpatient care, family involvement and patient engagementwhile seamlessly supporting multi-disciplinary care teams.Products shown Greer,Alterna, Aidin24 25'